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It was while participating on a co-op project in Morocco on international aid that the president of Zorah biocosmétiques inc., Mélissa Harvey, discovered women’s co-ops that  produce Argan oil.  Moved and impressed by the determination and willpower of these Berber women who’d taken their lives and those of their children into their own hands, Mélissa made a promise to herself to help out too.  Upon arrival in Canada, she joins forces with Richard Morin to launch Zorah biocosmétiques.  A driven force, Zorah’s mission is to offer cosmetic care products of the highest quality, equalling or surpassing the best products already on the market, while using only ingredients which are organic, environmentally friendly and fair-trade.

Zorah takes up this impressive business and scientific challenge in 2007  by creating Quebec’s first line of high-end organic, eco-friendly and fair-trade cosmetic products. Zorah’s highly effective products compete against the best in the industry and offer you nothing but quality, organic and plant-based ingredients.

Today, Zorah offers more than 15 high-end products to a demanding clientele who refuse to compromise quality and who, through their choices, wish to see to a more just and sound market with the environment in mind.

Available in most Canada natural food stores and in a number of pharmacies such as Uniprix and Brunet, as well as on its site www.zorah.ca. Zorah’s products will decidedly please the most demanding minds and bodies.

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